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Affiliate Forms

Affiliate Forms
Case Documentation Forms
Staffing Forms
Affiliate Coordinator Forms
Miscellaneous Forms


Affiliate Forms

Adult Consent To Treat - rev 1-16-17
Case Note - rev 1-16-17
DX Assessment - rev 9-12-16
Group Note - rev 1-16-17
Incident Report No Client - rev 7-26-2016
Minor Consent to Treat - rev 7-26-2016
Missed Weekly Session - rev 7-26-2016
Session Note - rev 10-23-16
TX Plan Initial - rev 9-12-16
TX Plan Update - rev 9-21-16
Weekly Goals - rev 8-30-2016

Clinical Documentation

            HCA Documentation Requirements

            Medicaid Documentation Requirements


Case Documentation Forms

First Appointment

      Face Sheet

Session Documentation

      Session Notes
            Counseling Session Note 
            Group Activity
            Monthly Summary
            Counseling Session Record Additional Page
            Supplemental Services Session Record
            Supplemental Services Session Record Form Additional Pages
            Missed Session
       Affiliate Invoices
            Affiliate Invoices
            CD Client Sign-in/Billing (CS108 CTS Form)

Case Documentation

Staffing Forms


Office Manager Forms


Misc Forms

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