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Charles Wilson

Hello, my name is Charles Wilson, I am a professional Counselor who works with families, individual adults and children to who have experienced trauma, issues with substance use, and relationship difficulties. My childhood was full of difficulties that I believe prepared me for work in the helping field. I had a parent who struggled with post-traumatic stress and substance use issues. As a family, we struggled with the difficulties of poverty. I had a younger sibling with special needs. My family was a blended family with multiple racial ethnicities represented. Additionally, I had my own issues with trauma that I had to overcome.

I believe strongly in the benefit of Counseling, and that everyone could improve some aspect of their life with the help of the right person. Additionally, I don’t believe in the idea of a lost cause. Every human being has value and can add value to the world. My job is to help them find their niche. In fact, I find particular satisfaction working with children who push the limits and seem to live on the fringe in societal norms. I find the work I do exceedingly gratifying. I am thankful for the opportunity and skills to affect positive change in the world.

I have worked with couples on the brink of divorce and helped them regain the vision that led them to come together in the first place. I have helped parents to reconnect with children who are pushing boundaries and creating intolerable living conditions. I have also walked with individuals as they dealt with unimaginable traumatic events to regain power in their lives.

I was trained in cognitive behavioral therapy at Forest Institute in Springfield Missouri and hold a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology. I am a lifetime member of PSI CHI International Honor Society in Psychology. I graduated with honors from my undergraduate and graduate courses. Personally, my most prized accomplishments are the improvements in my client’s lives. My personal philosophy is based on the premise of constant and never-ending improvement. There is always room for improvement.

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