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Jason R Peters, MS, PLPC, NCC



Jason grew up in a small town in central Missouri called Frankenstein.  His hobbies included hunting, fishing, and sports.  He served his country in the U.S. Army before entering the helping profession.  Even though Jason developed a rugged persona as an Air Assault soldier in the Army, he still managed to maintain a softer side that is magnetic towards kids.  He has been referred to as “Jungle Gym Jason” in the past because he can enter a room full of children that he may not even know, and before long, the children are climbing on him like a jungle gym. 

Jason came on the scene for providing counseling services in 2011 as a substance abuse counselor, providing in-patient and out-patient services for adults.  Jason wanted to be able to treat all people with all issues and went on to obtain his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling at Missouri State University.  Jason also received a certification for “Conflict and Dispute Resolution,” to provide Mediation services.  He also led a group called “Focus On Children In Separation” (FOCIS) in Greene County to promote co-parenting for parents who experience divorce.  Jason now provides Counseling services for couples, families, and children for all types of issues. 

Jason’s roots come in a Person-Centered approach, but Jason also uses a Solutions Focused approach when working with couples and families, and he utilizes a lot of Bibliotherapy and Play-Therapy concepts when working with children.  Children have a hard time expressing emotions and issues with words, but they can express themselves through play.  The trained eye may help a child move past difficult issues and become the best version of themselves through play.  Jason will try hard to “work his way out of a job” by teaching parents how to therapeutically perform Play with their own kids through a program called Child-Parent Relationship Training, which equips a parent to interact with their child, through play.  Jason asserts:  “Whether you are a child or an adult, if you do not make peace with your past then it will keep showing up in the present”. 

Jason specializes in areas concerning sexual issues; both victims and perpetrators.  Jason prefers to use the Good Lives Model when working with juveniles with sexually offensive behavior. 

Jason also specializes in working with people who have substance abuse issues or are exposed to family dysfunction due to substance abuse issues.  He is “known” for successfully working with people to help them understand and reduce angry feelings, and is particularly passionate about working with athletes and soldiers for whom motivation and positive thinking are key to their success.

Jason specializes in serving youth in residential settings.  However, Jason is also open to seeing both adults and children in Greene and Polk Counties at this time.  Jason provides concierge Counseling by coming to his client’s home if they wish, or his clients may opt to see Jason in an office setting in Bolivar, MO. 

Jason explained: “Counseling is a process and not an event.  Just like most things in life, a person gets out what he or she puts in.”   Jason has worked with several people with many issues and one of the first things he will do is encourage his client to “love yourself first, so you know what you deserve.”  

If Jason sounds like he may be a good fit for you, your family, or someone you know, a session may be scheduled by calling (417) 850-4555 and requesting an appointment with him.  Be well!

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