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  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Substance Abuse Assessments
  • Professional Counseling
    • Individual
    • Family
    • Couples
    • Parenting
  • Therapy Groups *On Demand
    • Juvenile Sexual Offender Treatment
    • Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Survivors of Sexual Abuse; Domestic Violence
    • Parents' Role with Troubled Adult Children 
    • Caring for Developmentally Challenged Children
  • Therapeutic Education
    • Parenting
    • Psycho-Sexual Education
    • Substance Abuse
    • Domestic Violence
    • Anger Management
  • Case Management Services
    • Supervised Visitation
    • Mentoring Adolescents
    • Life-Coaching 
    • Questions concerning mental health needs of individuals are answered for individuals, and for professionals working with them such as attorneys, social services workers, juvenile officers, probation and parole, employers, and courts.  Assessment takes an in-depth look at overall Psychological and Social Functioning. Structured Interview with client, Summation of Collateral Information, Administration, Scoring, and Interpretation of Test Data produce a Mental Health Diagnosis, Suggested Treatment Plan, and Clinical Recommendations.  Assessments are used by professionals for case-planning, preparing legal argument, and guiding such decisions as child custody, identifying containment concerns, and mental health treatment.
    • BASIC
      • Questions concerning current substance abuse and amiability for treatment are explored through client self-report, a drug/alcohol screen based on referral question from professionals working with client.  
      • To assist in understanding client's prognosis for relapse and guiding case-planning, consideration is given to Collateral Information (provided by referring professional).  Client's history is explored through structured interview. Assessment includes administration, scoring, and interpretation of test data, which, combined with collateral information and clinical interview, produces a Mental Health Diagnosis, Suggested Treatment Plan, and Clinical Recommendations to the referring professional.  
      • Individuals of all ages come to places in their lives they need guidance, support, and advise.  Our Therapists specialize in helping specific age groups and addressing specific issues.  With each having their own specialty, our goal is to match our clients with the therapist who would best meet their needs, or you can simply request the therapist of your choosing.
      • Individuals come together with their family members (may include biological family, foster parents, grandparents, or other "heart" family members) to consider how they might co-exist more peacefully. Therapist leads family interaction and teaches communication skills, problem-solving, empathy for each other, and emotional regulation are  a few of the many approaches useful in establishing consideration and compassion among family members.
      • Whether through death or estrangement, loss of a family member, partner, friend, or pet initiates a grief-process one must walk through on the way to healing.  It is important that children and adults alike learn to give expression to deep feeling, embrace life changes resulting from life-changing-loss, and find inner-peace once again. Southern Light Therapists understand how to heal the wounds of loss and help grieving children and adults begin to balance their lives following deep loss.
      •  No one is perfect, and for sure two people together are not!  But learning to give and take, respect even in disagreement, listen attentively, verbalize clearly, and love unconditionally is the a most difficult rewarding experience.  Southern Light Therapists are trained and experienced in guiding couples through difficulties in their relationship and helping them find peace and acceptance of themselves and their partner.  Southern Light is family friendly.
      • Parenting is a most challenging and rewarding experience.  At Southern Light, Therapists work with parents to address the needs of their children in an individualized way.  No two parents are the same, no two children are the same, and each parent/child relationship is unique. Needs are addressed on a case by case basis, even within the same family.  The first appointment helps Therapist understand the needs of parent and child.  Therapist can then join with the parent and child to guide them toward a better understanding of each other and peaceful resolution.
      • For younger children whose behavior must be managed, Southern Light Therapists offer "Participant Observation" sessions in which the parent interacts with their child as Therapists observes.  Therapists then offer suggestions to the parent on ways they might effectively manage their child's behavior.  

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