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Parent Aide

Presenting Pathways to Positive Parenting
Parent Aide
*PRAD  50 minute unit 
No Charge for Cancellations or No-Show Appointments  
Interventions include presenting educational materials and offering verbal direction on the level of the client's understanding and ability to comprehend.  Also, the technique of participant observation shall be used  as a tool for helping families achieve acceptable standards in the areas of family functioning and maintenance of the home environment. 
Parent Aide service is not designed to monitor, observe, or transport clients.  Therefore, such services as supervision of the parent/child(ren)/siblings is offered under the SDCR code.  Flling transportation needs can be authorized under the
Parent Aide services are generally performed in the client's home since it is there that changes generally must occur for the family to raise their level of functioning to acceptable levels a dictated by the Children's Service Worker's request for service. 
Cost of service includes time spent with the family at place of service.  There shall be no additional monitory compensation for the cost of travel.  Unit of service is 50 minutes of direct face to face services with the parent(s). 
Parent Aide personnel take a positive, proficient approach when providing education and demonstrating it's application to every-day situations in the house holds of the clients they serve.  For example, in addressing the common problem of isolation, clients learn to reach out to the world around them and experience positive social interaction within their means to access it.  Nutrition is addressed by generating interest in managing a food budget, meal planning, food preparation, and proper storage.  Clients are encouraged to  effectively manage their present financial resources and empowered to embrace their future with optimism that they can begin to generate adequate income  within their means to do so.  Encouraging parents to be active in their child(ren)'s medial care and academic success involves educating them on their rights and responsibilities to see to the welfare of their child(ren).  This may involve teaching the parent to participate in an effective way in medical appointments and in school  conferences concerning their child.  This might also involve the Parent Aide meeting the parent at the location of the medical appointment or meeting and modeling for the parent how to deal with professionals in the best interest of their child(ren).  Althrough educational literature and explanations of their child(ren)'s developmental levels as well as teaching and demonstrating ways to nurture, praise, appreciate, guide, and correct their child(ren). 
This service is "competency based model" and the parent's ability to perform the skills covered shall be observed, facilitated, and documented by the parent aide performing the service.  The client shall receive feed-back from the parent aide as they fine-tune the skills presented and they shall be encouraged to continue the practice of acceptable parenting and homemaking skills. Successful termination of a case is dictated by the competency achievement of the family receiving services.  
Success is defined as a parent demonstrating achievement of the parenting and homemaking skills as defined by the Children's Service Worker and that the parent has reached an acceptable level of family functioning and maintenance of the physical environment. 
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