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Supervised Visitation

 Service Delivery Coordination

(Supervised Visitation)

*SDCR 50 minute unit

No Charge for Cancellations or No-Show Appointments

The Service Delivery Coordinator shall teach the referred family how to access community resources and then work with them to put to effective use the community resources acquired for the purpose of stabilizing the home environment and addressing the specific needs of their child(ren).The overall goal of the Service Delivery Coordinator is to help the parent(s) achieve a safe and nurturing place for their child(ren) to thrive.

Implementation of Service Delivery Coordination services includes verbal instruction and modeling for parent(s) on how to access and use community resources as a tool for stabilizing placement, creating a functional home environment, facilitating academic success of the child(ren), addressing their medical/dental needs, achieving positive and effective parental control of their child(ren), accessing necessary child care services, and helping the parent(s) in achieving financial stability of their family through accessing public assistance, clothing, and food programs, as well as helping the parent(s) access any other resources requested by the state agency. This process generally begins with encouraging the parent(s) to make a personal investment in their family's well-being by setting personal goals and presenting them to the referring Children's Division Worker for consideration that they be included in the family treatment plan. The parent(s) is also presented with the family treatment plan as per the referring Children's Division Worker and encouraged to embrace the treatment plan goals for their family. Second, the parent(s) is educated on how to identify and access available community resources which correlate with the case goals. Finally, the parent(s) is educated regarding how to most efficiently and effectively use the acquired resources to realize the case goals. They are also encouraged to recognize the agency or contact person providing the resource with a note or a word of appreciation.

Service Delivery Coordination is designed as an identified case management offering to be performed under the direction of the state agency. Direction will be taken from the referring Children's Division Worker and limited to the specific goals of the family treatment plan. This offering is not intended to be a case management staff position beyond the scope of work detailed in the family treatment plan unless such is approved in writing by the Division Regional office.

*Supervised visitations are to be authorized under this service as per the Children's Division Contract Unit.

The Service Delivery Coordinator shall move the family toward reaching the case goals specified by the referring Children's Service Worker. The Service Delivery Coordinator shall not work outside of the parameters of the Children's Service Worker's request for service and the Service Delivery Coordinator 's approach to providing service shall be consistent with the family treatment plan.

Place of service shall be in the client's home, in transit to and from community resources, on community resource sites, and telephone contact for the purpose of acquiring community resources for the client.

Cost of service includes time spent with the family at place of service or telephone contact with a service resource or a potential service resource. There shall be no additional monitory compensation for the cost of travel. Unit of service is 50 minutes of direct face to face services with the client or telephone contact for the purpose of acquiring community resources for the client as identified by the state agency.

Successful termination of a case is dictated by the need for community resources being identified, met, and effectively utilized for the betterment of the family and to the satisfaction of The Division.

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